Friday, August 26, 2011


Well hello everyone! Long time no...see? I am finally settled into my new apartment in Northern VA. Sorry for the blogging delay, but I didn't get internet until last night.

My parents were extremely kind to help me move. My Mom actually stayed through the week to help me organize. Let me tell you, she is the best organizer known to man! While my Dad and I unloaded the cars, she got to work unpacking/organizing kitchen stuff. My Mom actually took a picture of me all sweaty post-move to send to my brother to PROVE that I actually helped! Hilarious.

Throughout the week, I've gotten pretty much everything I needed to get for the apartment. All that's left to make my apartment complete is my sofa that's being delivered tomorrow (weather permitting?), microwave, and new duvet cover + down comforter. I'm thinking about getting this duvet cover. Thoughts? :)

Although moving to a new city is exciting, there are definitely some pros and cons. But typically you can spin any con into a pro, especially in this area. For example...

Con: Extreme traffic.
Pro: Tons to do! I am about 15 miles from DC!

Con: A grocery store isn't 1 mile away anymore.
Pro: No more late night runs for Ben and Jerry's and more efficient meal planning will now take place!

Con: Target is far away
Pro: More money for my wallet ;)

The most exciting things about living up here are...
  • Living close to half of my family (within ~35 minutes)
  • Having legitimate malls (sorry Harrisonburg)
  • Living near 2 major airports!
Soon, I'll have some recipes for you all. I'm still getting organized in my kitchen. Tonight, or at some point this weekend, I'm making a thai dish! My Mom has ended up staying into the weekend to escape the hurricane back home in VA Beach. We are all stocked up in case we get any really bad weather up here! Good luck to everyone back at home braving the storm. Be safe!

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