Thursday, July 14, 2011

Busy Summer

Hey blog world! Sorry it's been so long. I don't think there's been a summer that I've been so busy since the summer before my freshman year at JMU! Since I last posted, I have been to Tulsa, OK, Northern VA, Virginia Beach, Harrisonburg, Northern VA, and back to Harrisonburg. Tomorrow I'm going to Northern VA (with a pit stop in Winchester) then back to Harrisonburg to grab some furniture and finish cleaning on Saturday. It's safe to say that I cannot wait to just relax and not travel for a month! The past few days I've spent getting together with friends before the move.

Here's a quick summary of my trip to Tulsa, OK:

I was pleasantly surprised with Tulsa! I thought it was going to be kind of boring. I guess anything that's not on the east or west coast tends to get a bad rep. I would personally compare Tulsa to VA Beach, only in the sense that it is "built up," so there are lots of things to do and lots of restaurants. Obviously there isn't a beach in tornado alley! The bf had lots of fun things planned and even went as far as making an itinerary! Clearly he fits in well with my Dad's side of the family. Family vacations with that side aren't typically relaxing because every minute of the day is planned! Luckily, our itinerary was flexible :)

We went to Peppers, a Mexican restaurant, the night I got there. They had the best chile rellanos I've ever had! I think they fried a chile rellano that was stuffed with cheese, then poured a nacho cheese sauce and salsa on top. Clearly, it wasn't authentic but it was ahhh-mazing! Here's a picture of the sample platter that we shared:

As you can tell, cheese was one of their favorite ingredients! The next day we checked out the Old School Bagel Cafe. Ever since the bf got there and tried their french toast bagel, I haven't heard the end of it. So we got one of those and a bacon, egg, and cheese on asiago to split.

I would change the name of this bagel to Cinnamon Toast bagel! Look at the hunks of cinnamon and sugar on top! While I love sweets, I picked off a lot of the sugar because it was sooo rich. All in all, the Old School Bagel Cafe did not disappoint! The breakfast sandwich was my favorite though. :)

We checked out the "River Walk" area, Cherry Street, the Oklahoma Aquarium, and various other places that I don't remember the names to. Coming from Virginia Beach where I grew up going to the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center, I was impressed! They apparently have the largest collection of Bull Sharks in captivity. They were pretty cool/scary! Here's a picture of some crazy looking jelly fish!

We also checked out The Coffee House on Cherry Street which was pretty cool. I got their breakfast burrito which was the size of both of my hands! One of my favorite things we did was go to the Gilcrease Museum. Surprisingly, I love museums even though I was dragged to way too many growing up. They had this one artist who painted some amazingly realistic pieces of the grand canyon and of sunsets. It almost looked like a photograph from far away! I would have loved to explore their small lakes and gardens there but it was around 108 degrees with the humidity!

We went to the Waterfront Grill one night which was pretty good and had a cool, modern environment. One thing that I found interesting about Tulsa is that there are donut shops and liquor stores on every corner! Another restaurant we went to Lanna Thai in Tulsa. I got pad thai and he got this AMAZING coconut, curry soup with duck (?). The soup had the best flavor and was hands down the best thai dish I've had to date. My pad thai was good but they were a little too heavy on the sauce.

All in all, it was a fun trip and it was nice to spend time together in a place I've never been before! Probably the only "bad" thing about the trip was my plane on the way back. It was the smallest plane ever! 1 seat on the left and 2 on the right. If you are claustrophobic, do not fly on a plane that small! I had to listen to music to ignore the fact that I felt like I was in a go cart.

I'm off to try and clean/pack the rest of my things up!

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