Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Non-Stop Travel

Hi blog world!

Clearly I haven't kept up with my blogging now that school is over. Who would have thought I would actually be busy? I guess I got a little schedule happy for the summer. Probably because I'm forced to be so anti-social during the school year. So far, I have traveled to Virginia Beach 2 times, Northern Virginia 4 times (maybe 5), Orkney Springs, VA, and I'm about to go to Tulsa, OK at the end of the week! Before I start work, I'll be in Virginia Beach one more time and Northern VA 3 times before I officially move there. Goodness gracious!

I had a wonderful trip to VA Beach to visit my grandparents who were visiting from Tennessee. It was so nice to see them! My mom, grandma, and I went to a few cute shops like always and we played some cards one night. Surprisingly, I won. Not that I'm not phenom at card playing, but my g-rents play all the time so I usually don't stand a chance!

I headed to Orkney Springs, VA on Friday to Shrine Mont for a retreat with my Dad's church (Pohick). Lots of food and fellowship in nature. What more could you ask for? Here's a pic from a hike my Dad and I did to North Mountain last year.

As you can tell by my purple/red face, the hike was no joke! It's a very narrow and steep trail up, making the trip back down easy but killer on your knees and hip joints! The view at the top is totally worth it, though. This year, half of the group decided to go zip-lining, so no hike occurred. Too bad I'm afraid of heights!

Flash forward to now...

I've been packing up a storm! My lease in Harrisonburg is up July 18th, which is also my start date at work. I'm about 90% done except for my kitchen and a few miscellaneous things. Cooking has been a challenge because I haven't been here much, so I apologize for the lack of recipes. However, I do have ideas now for times that you aren't going to be in town for long!

English muffins and fruit are easy for breakfasts. English muffins can be frozen if you don't eat them all and you can choose how much fruit you'll be able to go through or freeze leftover fruit before you leave (e.g., bananas). Cereal and oatmeal are bad options for me because I hate wasting milk!

For lunches and dinners there are a few more options. One is that you can make a huge bowl of pasta to last for 4-6 lunches and dinners. Think protein, veggies, whole wheat pasta, and a light vinaigrette dressing. This week I've had steamed carrots and soup for dinners and veggie wraps and apples for lunches.

Going out of town is fun, but it definitely takes you away from cooking! I can't wait until I move and can begin to cook regularly again! :) Although I'm looking forward to this next chapter in my life, I'm definitely going to miss it here. I've been in Harrisonburg for 6 years! Bye bye JMU...:(

I'm off to look at a list of things to do in Tulsa! Have a great night.


Do you have any tips for easy, healthy meals to make when you're moving?

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