Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wheat Berries!

Good evening! Who is enjoying this extra hour of light in the evening?? I actually ate dinner while it was still light tonight! Awesome Smile While DST has its ups, it definitely has its downs. I woke up in the middle of the night, or so I thought, and got really excited because I thought I had a few more hours to sleep (b/c it was SO dark). Well…it was 6:15am and my alarm goes off at 6:30am. Talk about a total bummer! Although DST gets me down sometimes, the extra light in the evenings more than makes up for it!

I have been wanting to try wheat berries ever since I saw them popping up all over the blog world. Problem was that I couldn't seem to find them where I live. It's possible that I wasn't looking hard enough. However, while I was at home, I picked up some from the bulk section at The Fresh Market! I'll say it again...I love that place! Beware that some of the products are marked way up, so I try to only buy things there that I can't find at a regular grocery store. Btw, they have a great flower selection!
Here is my no-fail recipe using wheat berries:

Curried Chickpeas and Veggies with Wheat Berries

-1 small sweet onion or 1/2 large
-veggies (I went with broccoli, peas, pepper medley, carrots)
-1/2 can chickpeas
-1 cup wheat berries
-3 cups vegetable broth

Wheat Berries: Add 1 cup of rinsed wheat berries to 3 cups of boiling water or vegetable broth and cook for about 45 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on whether you are simmering or boiling them the entire time. I always use a reusable coffee filter to rinse off grains like wheat berries and quinoa. These don't get sticky like rice so you don't really have to watch over them for the entire time and stir.

Curried Chickpeas and Veggies: Saute chopped onion until translucent. When the onions are halfway done, add chopped carrots. I used about 3/4 of a cup of chopped carrots. After about 10 minutes or so, add chopped up broccoli, peppers, peas, and chickpeas. Let these saute for about 5 minutes. I used frozen veggies and defrosted them in my Pampered Chef steamer before I added them to the pan. At this point, I added about 1/2 tbsp garlic powder, ~1/4 cup curry powder, and ~1/4 cup cumin to the mix and turned down the heat to low. After the flavors blended for about 10-15 min, I poured the ingredients into a large bowl and mixed in the wheat berries.


I absolutely loved the chew and texture that the wheat berries added to this dish! Cooking the wheat berries in veggie broth really made the meal. Sometimes meals like this can be boring if the grains aren’t cooked in some sort of broth! I have been serving this over lettuce for lunch this week SmileDefinitely try this, you won’t be disappointed.

On another note, Kline’s has my FAVORITE flavor right now: Cookies and Cream! It was totally worth a rainy drive across town last night to get a quart of my fave Smile Seriously, this only comes ~4 times a year, so I’ve been anticipating the creamy delight for about a month or so.


What’s your favorite ice cream/frozen yogurt/custard flavor?

Have you tried wheat berries?

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