Monday, March 14, 2011

Back to School…

Well the inevitable was bound to happen…school resumed today. It was a total bummer because I had such a nice spring break and didn’t want it to end! I had such a wonderful break at home. It was really nice to see my brother and have some quality girl time with my Mom! Smile I was originally going to stay until Tuesday…but Tuesday turned into Thursday…which turned into Saturday…which turned into Sunday at the last minute before I was supposed to leave! What can I say, my Mom is convincing! And seriously, leaving home is never easy no matter how old you get. My Mom and grandma (lovingly referred to as Grandmommy) have a way of bringing me to tears every time I leave them. I guess I’m not too upset about that because it means we have a good relationship.Smile

Luckily I had a sweet boyfriend and school to return to so that I could get my mind off of being a little homesick! I made the bf some amazing pancakes that I picked up at The Fresh Market while I was at home. Sadly, I didn’t take pictures. I blame the 4-hour drive for contributing to my laziness. However, they were a hit so I’m sure you’ll see some pictures here soon! The brand is called Kodiak Cakes and they are delish! The ingredient list is fantastic and all you have to do is add water. They seriously tasted homemade and didn’t have the chemical/fake aftertaste that most boxed/bottled “instant” pancake mixes have. Definitely check them out if they carry them at a store near you.
Right when I got home yesterday, I was starved! Luckily I keep some frozen fruit in the freezer for times like that when I haven’t restocked my fridge/pantry yet!

Enter: Blue Lagoon Smoothie

Ingredients: frozen blueberries (~1 cup), 1 frozen banana, water (just poured some in so that it was a smoothie consistency)


So delicious! I accidentally went really heavy handed on the blueberries, but you could still taste the nanner Smile Also, check out that natural lighting! TGFDST! AKA…thank goodness for daylight savings time!

While at home, I got a little addicted to an awesome drink.

Enter: Perrier + juice!


The juice of choice was Tropicana’s Trop50 Pomegranate Blueberry. I probably poured a shot glass size amount of juice on top of the Perrier. I’ve repeated that here at school, but replaced the juice with frozen blueberries.

My Mom took me to one of Virginia Beach’s best kept secrets: Bravo’s Frozen Custard. If you live in
the area or are passing through, please give this place a try! Just look at the mouth-watering goodness:

Isn’t my Mom a beautiful hand model? Winking smile

By the way, HAPPY PI DAY! I’m off to make some dinner and work on a midterm. Have a great night!

If you were just on spring break, what were your favorite parts about it?

Also, are you a custard fan? 

And...did you have a slice of pie to celebrate Pi Day? 


  1. thats my favorite kinda smoothie! =)
    i'm a custard fan but there's not veyr many places to get it around here...or maybe im not looking hard enough?

  2. Custard places are really hard to find! They are typically family owned and in random shopping centers from my experience...making them harder to find.

  3. 1. I'm on spring break right now and I love being able to COOK!
    2. I have never had custard....what is the difference between that and ice cream?
    3. I totally didn't know it was Pi day!

  4. Yay! Having extra time during breaks is the best for me too because I have more time to cook :)

    The biggest taste difference between custard and ice cream is how creamy and smooth custard is! Apparently, there is a higher amount of butterfat and egg yolks in custard than in ice cream. Also, the way they are frozen/made is a little different. Check out this link for more info:

    Thanks for stopping by!