Thursday, February 24, 2011

I’m back!

Hey everyone, sorry for the hiatus! After my interview/travel extravaganza, I really needed some time to unwind. Plus, I was a nervous ball of energy and couldn’t do anything but compulsively check my e-mail. Don’t pretend like you haven’t done that before…Winking smile

This post will be a bit of a mish mash to catch you up on what’s been going on!

1st up…here have been some common “eats” on the home front:

Salads!: Black beans, cheddar, & salsa with corn bread muffins….and black eyed peas, carrots, cucumbers, and celery…yum!


These were probably my favorite salad combinations ever! I absolutely love black eyed peas Smile

I’ve also eaten a TON of protein smoothies…sometimes I call this concoction protein ice cream when served in a bowl:


I had such a great time in Northern VA visiting family before and after my interview. I got to see my cousin’s cute puppy Guinness!

photo(6) He is a handful, but who could ever get mad at a face like that?! Smile

My Dad made me my favorite breakfast food: cheesy grits, toast, eggs, and this AMAZING local sausage…

photo (2)

Onto the interview/traveling adventures! The interview went fantastic and I loved the school/program. I’m on their high end of the wait list so I’m hoping to hear great news soon Smile I ate a ton of chocolate between Saturday and Tuesday night while I was waiting to hear my admissions status:


My Dad sent me off with a nice little package of goodies that included that Trader Joe’s chocolate bar. It is possibly one of the best chocolate bars I’ve ever had. Think…raisinettes meets toblerone? YUM!

I’ve been pretty lazy with photographing my eats lately. But, I did make something!

-2 chicken breasts
-1 container grape tomatoes
-1/2 box noodles
-olives + olive juice
-2 handfuls baby spinach
-olive oil
-lemon pepper

Cut up chicken into 1 in cubes. Saute in EVOO and lemon pepper until fully cooked. Add grape tomatoes (cut in half), olives, and a few spoonfuls of olive juice. Saute all of this plus some pepper until you can mash the tomatoes! Right before it’s done, add 2 handfuls of baby spinach. While this is simmering, boil the pasta. Pour pasta back in the pot after you drain the water. Add the skillet mixture to the pasta pot and mix! Tada:


The flavor was amazing! The lemon pepper and olive flavors mixed together really well! I’ll definitely be making this again soon. So fast and so easy Smile

On a totally random note, I had a dinner of a 5 year old last night. DISNEY PRINCESS soup, carrots, and bread with butter:

What’s that? I think it’s a crown?! Smile

I’m off to work on homework. In case you’re curious…here’s a previewWinking smile:


Heck yeah I took that picture in class. Sadly, the sound was on while taking the picture, so the sound of the picture being taken was a little embarrassing. Either way, I’ve got a great example and didn’t strain my hand/wrist by rushing to write it all down! Thank you technology!

Have a great night!

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