Saturday, January 22, 2011

Big Changes!

Gooood afternoon! This week has been full of exciting things! One thing I've learned for sure is that sometimes with excitement comes disappointment. Some people just like to rain on your parade! But, I've learned that you can make a choice...let what others say hurt your feelings and be upset...or choose not to give them the power to make you upset. I choose the latter!

Anyway, I found out Thursday that I got invited to interview at on of the PhD programs I applied to! For now, I'm not going to blog about what school it is, but if I get any acceptances...I'll for sure blog about it then :) It's taking place mid-Feb so I'm going to need to book my flight ASAP! Hearing about the invite really took a weight off my shoulders, although that weight was soon replaced with thesis chaos ;). Hopefully now I can "chill out" as my parents so kindly put it haha.

This morning I did something that I didn't think I would ever do again...I purchased MILK from the grocery store. And it was 2%...what?! This is coming from a vanilla almond milk drinking girl. Why the change? Well, almond milk separates in my coffee (especially when it's iced) and it grosses me out! It doesn't taste funny, but it looks weird. When I decided I'd give real milk a second chance, I chose 2% after reading lots about why that's the better choice as opposed to skim. Here is a link that discusses it briefly.

Going with the milk theme, I made a chai tea latte this morning! Basically all you do is steep chai tea in 1/2 mug full of water. Heat up milk in microwave for a little over 1 min. Froth it with a frother. Add milk + foam to the top. Then sprinkle on some sugar! So good!

 Look at that foam!

I'm off to Winchester to double date for dinner and a movie with friends! Check back tomorrow for my post about overnight oats!

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