Sunday, October 24, 2010

Miscellaneous Things

Last Saturday I went to Staunton for a pre-birthday are some pictures of the outing...

We went to The Depot Grill after we saw The Taming of the Shrew at the Blackfriar...


 Walked around town....downtown Staunton is absolutely beautiful. They have done a great job preserving many of the old buildings.

We ended the trip with a stop at The Split Banana Company for some amazing gelato...I got chocolate and cookies and cream!

Yesterday my Dad and his girlfriend came in town for the day! It was so nice to see them and catch up!:) The one present I'll mention is Crane's stationary. If any of you LOVE writing letters, thank you notes, or just writing will be hooked to Crane's after you buy one set. Many are around $12-$15 a box but they are well worth it if you can afford it. We stopped by A Bowl of Good for lunch. That's one of my favorite lunch spots in Harrisonburg because the food is amazing AND they buy local! :)

I have some exciting COOKBOOK news! I got a new one last night:

A bunch of the recipes that I will be making in the future will come out of this book. Obviously I won't be posting the recipe but I'll post the name and that it came from this book in case you end up wanting to buy it! The author seems extremely practical because he mentions ideas for leftovers for some of the recipes among other things. Also, the recipes are marked with symbols that note if a recipe is fast, vegan, or can be prepared ahead of time.

Lastly, I had pumpkin and apple cinnamon doughnuts this morning for breakfast. The doughnuts are from The Apple House in Linden, VA. My dad always brings them for me when he comes to visit:) 

It's time to actually do work now...I'm off to spend most of the day working on my thesis and a paper I have to write for my cognitive science class...

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