Thursday, September 30, 2010

Busy Week

Friday is almost here!! We had SO much rain today. It started raining yesterday and is still raining now. I got soaked in the rain walking 100 feet from my car to work, even though I had an umbrella and rain jacket. My pants were so wet that it looked like I showered with them on! Needless to say, I was happy to come home and put on sweats tonight! :)

Last night I got home late (around 8) from campus so I didn't have much time to make anything fancy for dinner. I quickly looked through my pantry and saw that I had some garbanzo beans, noodles, tomatoes, and green peas. So I made a pasta dish with...

-1 can of garbanzo beans
-1/2 box of small noodles
-4 medium sized tomatoes chopped up
-I didn't measure the peas but it was probably 3/4 of a cup

Once the noodles cooked and the water was drained, I added all of the ingredients into a pot so that everything was warm...then I added lots of paprika, a little cayenne, and some garlic salt. All in all, pretty good for a quick meal. It only took about 20 minutes total!

The BEST thing about today, and I mean BEST, was the fact that Kline's has Cookies and Cream ice cream! This is by far my favorite ice cream ever! I've had September 30th marked on my calendar for months! You can taste the Oreo cream mixed into the ice cream. I love that it has HUGE chunks of Oreos too! This somehow made the pouring rain I dealt with today worth it!:)

I just realized I've only really posted about the cooking part of my blog and not the textbooks part haha. I had my thesis pre-proposal meeting with my committee this week. It went extremely well and they gave me some great advice about my method! Hopefully I'll be able to start data collection by the end of October.  I'm gearing up to re-take the GRE next Friday- ahh!! A few days after that I have my neuroscience midterm. Luckily I love that class so studying is fun (crazy, right?)! With that said, it's time to work on some GRE practice problems! Night, all!

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