Sunday, August 28, 2011

Things Happen

Well friends, there are times in this journey called life that you can either learn from experiences or moan and groan about the unexpected bumps in the road.

On Saturday, one of those bumps in the road occurred. After weeks of anticipation, my sofa was finally going to be delivered! The furniture deliverers came at noon to move it right on in. After heaving the rather large sofa up 2 flights of stairs, they stared rather perplexed at my doorway. After several moments, they tried to move it inside...

For many of you seasoned furniture purchasers, you know that you are supposed to do things like  measure your living space, especially your door frame and entry way, before swiping your plastic key to comfort. Lesson learned my friends, lesson learned.

After repositioning the sofa every which way and even unscrewing the legs, they asked me to sign a waiver. Never, I mean never, sign something that states that you won't hold the company liable for furniture or home damage. At that point, I politely asked them to take the sofa back to their truck and thanked them for their efforts. Thank goodness Crate and Barrel only charged me the delivery fee and not an additional restocking fee.

I could have let that ruin my day, but really there's no point in pitching a fit about something you can't change. I will tell you one thing, I'll never buy another piece of furniture without first measuring my living space. You live and you learn!

You know what helps you get over furniture disappointments, and well...just about anything? Chocolate chip cookies! These were promptly baked and eaten.

Hope everyone had a fun and restful weekend!

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