Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tasty Thai

Good evening everyone!

 I hope you all are surviving the school/work week. We are almost to hump day! It was really weird to not start classes yesterday along with a lot of my friends who are still in Harrisonburg. Although I missed it, I didn't miss it as much as I expected to! I think I am beginning to enjoy all of this extra free time. :) Fall is the one season that makes me miss JMU so much!

I miss...

Late night walks on the quad. I used to do this all the time freshman year.

 The changing leaves! They are so beautiful down there! This was what I saw every day in the fall when I walked to my car from work.

Recruitment (gasps!)! There's something about staying up until 2am voting all week and ordering Jimmy Johns that gets me excited. That, and laughing so hard at nothing because we'd be so deliriously tired from cheering, talking, and smiling all day long.

Most of all, I miss this pretty view of the quad!


Enough reminiscing...

As I mentioned the other day, I made a Thai dish over the weekend. Not only was this Thai dish easy, but it is a vegan dish that even a meat lover would like!! Now I know what you are thinking...isn't vegan food boring? No way! In my opinion, vegan dishes taste better than meat based dishes. Especially hearty ones like the Thai dish I prepared.

A few months ago, I purchased two vegan cook books: The Joy of Vegan Baking and The Vegan Table. The Thai dish I made came from The Vegan Table. Not only is the cookbook BEAUTIFUL, but it is full of amazing recipes that everyone (meat eater, vegan, vegetarian, and even kids) will enjoy!

I won't post the recipe but if you have/buy the book, I made the following changes. First, I bought red curry paste. This was definitely not spicy or flavorful enough season the entire dish. I probably used 2-3 times the amount of curry paste and added cayenne pepper (this did the trick!). If you like your Thai food to make your nose run, you'll want to do the same. ;)

Red curry/coconut base with veggies! The rice is hidden underneath,

 This was quite a hit! I highly recommend this cook book!

I'm off to relax for the rest of the evening. Have a good rest of the week!

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