Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oreo Cupcakes

Dear bloggies, yesterday I accomplished an item off my Cooking Bucket List: Make icing from scratch!

Growing up, I never liked icing. Even on birthday cakes! I have even declined a piece of wedding cake (I know). Instead of birthday cakes, I had birthday ice cream cakes or boston cream pies. The reason I don't tend to care for icing is because it's sickingly sweet and there's too much! I always wished it could be more fluffy and airy and a tad less sweet.

Recently, my Dad got me a cupcake (I believe it was this one) from Crumbs Bake Shop in Arlington, VA and it had the PERFECT whipped topping! Light, airy, not too sweet. Ever since biting into that cupcake, I've been dying to recreate that whipped "frosting!"

Yesterday was the perfect occasion. My Dad and I were invited over to my cousin & her husband's house for dinner and I volunteered us to bring dessert. Recently, I saw a recipe for Oreo Cupcakes and I knew that would be the perfect dessert!

I used this Buttermilk Chocolate Cupcake recipe and this "icing" recipe:


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