Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Back in Town

Hey everyone! Sorry for the blogging hiatus. I was back home in Virginia Beach for 10+ days and forgot my camera to computer cord! Rookie move, I know. Sadly there aren't many pictures, but I have updates!

I was in town for two of my very good friends wedding-related festivities. One had her wedding party (they got married back in March) and the other had a bridal shower. It's so awesome to have friends that I've known since elementary school. I just wish we lived closer! Maybe one day I'll move back to VB :)

During the week days last I worked on my thesis. Good news is that I'm on my final, formatted draft and my defense is next Tuesday!!! At night I rewarded all of my hard by with hanging out with friends and/or hanging out with my Mom. I went to Mary's and Surf Rider while I was at home and they did not disappoint! Both are local spots in VB, so you should check them out if you are ever in town!

My Mom made me lots of yummy things while I was home. To name a few...poppy seed muffins, pasta salad, cole slaw, BLT salad, and a bean, corn, and rotel salad!

Here are the only two pictures I took with the trusty iPhone:

BLT Salad with homemade croutons

Cherries, pasta salad, cole slaw, pimento cheese, and triscuits

Since I finished my coursework in May I have had so much time to read for fun! It is always hard for me to enjoy reading or have the stamina to read for fun during the school year and during breaks. During the school year I don't really have the time and then the last thing I want to do is read when a break comes. I'm lucky if I am able to read 1 book over Christmas break and a few over the summer. This is totally opposite of how I was as a child. My Mom's favorite story to tell, and mine too because it's funny, is this...When I was in elementary school, I had a normal lights out time. But, I had a Goosebumps, yes I know, book light so I would typically read after I had to turn my light out. At one point, my Mom realized I wasn't asleep and came in my room and told me to go to sleep. Apparently whatever I was reading had me hooked, probably Indian in the Cupboard or The Babysitters Club, and I started crying (?) and said, "But Mom, you don't understand. Reading is my liiiifeeeee." As you can see, now that I have free time, I can resume the old "reading is my life" routine. So far, I've read:
  • Shades of Blue- Karen Kingsbury
  • The Help- Kathryn Stockett
  • Redemption- Karen Kingsbury
  • Remember (almost done)- Karen Kingsbury
Obviously, I've found a new author I like haha. The last two books I've read by Karen Kingsbury are a part of a series. And boy do I love book series...hello, I'm a Twilight fan! Haha. Anyway, if you haven't read The Help, I highly recommend it! It is the best book I've read in a long, long time. The movie is coming out in August and I cannot wait to see it! 

Anyhoo, I don't really have any new recipes to post yet. I did make some jalapeno hummus and a margarita pizza today and I may post the recipes sometime this week. I'm off to read more, duh. Have a great night! :)

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