Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Summer Challenges

One of the biggest challenges for me last summer was learning how to fill my free time when I wasn't at work. After spending all hours of the day studying and working during the semester, I had no idea what to do with myself once I was only working a summer job. It was also the first summer that I wasn't at home surrounded by family and life-long friends, so I knew I would get lonely if I didn't take matters into my own hands! This is even more of a challenge this summer because I don't have a job. Thank goodness (ha) I have a thesis to finish and jobs to search for. My biggest suggestion on how to battle the summer blues is to plan fun things to do! Obviously, don't do all of them in one day...spread them out!

Here's my list:
  • Get a group to go hiking
  • Go to the pool
  • Go to the gym
  • Find a new running/walking path
  • Find a new recipe to cook
  • Visit the SPCA
  • Catch up on movies
  • Explore a nearby town
  • Antiquing!! (yes, I am a grandma)
  • Visit friends nearby
  • Take a field trip to the local library and read for fun!
  • Take a book to a coffee shop and read for an afternoon
  • Get involved (e.g., book club, Bible study, recreational groups, volunteering)
There are many, many more things that I could add to this list. But these are just a few to get you thinking!

This past weekend was the first post-graduation, slow weekend that I had. Instead of letting boredom get the bets of me, I spent it catching up on chick flicks (The Switch, No Strings Attached, and Life As We Know It) and cooking new recipes!

Sunday afternoon I made homemade granola bars loosely following this recipe. I substituted honey for the brown rice syrup and substituted a mixed bag of seeds, raisins, and chocolate chips for the coconut, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds (it was easier and cheaper to buy it all together). While these were good and stay together pretty well if they are refrigerated, they don't stand a chance if laid out in the open! The PB and honey get pretty melty. I would also reduce the amount of honey, these were sweet!

Lastly, I made rice noodles with broccoli and a peanut sauce! The peanut sauce was the regular one I make (peanut butter, soy sauce, almond milk, garlic, and cayenne).

I try to store what I make in Tupperware right after I make it to clean up faster!

First, add rice noodles to the bowl...

Top with broccoli...

Then pour on the peanut sauce!

I love how easy meals like this are! I'm off to make lunch, have a good day!

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  1. You've inspired me to make a summer to do list! I've done this before and it's always fun to try to finish before summer ends. :)