Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Hey everyone! I'm seriously going to get back on track with blogging. Between final's week, graduation, family in town, and going out of town for an's been a crazy 2 weeks!

Don't be a hater...but I have only used my iPhone to take pics of things recently. Sometimes I feel like a creeper when I pull out my camera to take pics during every meal. So, what have I been eating lately? Lots and lots of veggie wraps! There's something about warm weather that makes me crave fresh veggies all the time.

Here's a pic of a veggie sandwich...because I originally forgot to buy wraps at the g-store...even though I had a list!

I finished up my last day of work last Monday and had a final paper + presentation due last Thursday. Both went very well! It was exciting to see what the other 4 people in my class did for their projects.

Thursday night my Mom arrived. Obviously because it was Cinco de Mayo, we had to have our own celebration! I made a vegan dinner with guac + blue corn chips and this AMAZING recipe I found on Oh She Glow's blog. It's called a Cilantro Lime Speltberry Salad. I replaced the spelt berries with wheat berries. It was extremely refreshing and light!

Guac = red onion, 2 avocados, gahhhlic (aka garlic), tomatoes, cilantro, and lime juice

My iPhone pic doesn't do this photo justice...but check out this pic...

Friday was graduation. My Dad came up around 2pm and the three of us went to the Grad Psyc Award Banquet. After that we roamed around campus waiting for graduation at 7pm. As many of you know, I "walked" at graduation because I have 1 thesis credit to finish over the summer. My technical graduation date is in August. I learned quite a few things during graduation:

1.The sorcerer sleeves of my Master's gown can hold a granola bar, cell phone, gum, and chapstick.
2. Our president has a firm handshake.
3. It's really awkward to squat while you are being hooded.
4. No one knew how to "properly" fold their hood over their right arm.
5. The more degrees you get, the more you look like a character from Harry Potter.

Bachelor's Robe


Master's Robe


Doctoral Robe


Similar, right? ;)


Saturday night the bf came over and we made pizza! I used this recipe for the crust and added more honey. I topped it with marinara sauce, fresh mozzarella, roma tomatoes, basil, and garlic!

Sunday, I left for my Dad's because I had an interview in Fairfax on Monday morning. It was such an intense interview (2.5 hrs + a writing assessment). I must have done well because I am going back this coming Monday to meet more of the staff! We grabbed Mexican food Monday night with my aunt, uncle, and cousin + her husband. 

This week + every week until the middle of June will be spent finishing my thesis! It's amazing how much progress you make when you don't have a part time job + class! :) I'm off to relax for the evening! Have a great night! :)

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  1. hahahaha I LOVE the comparisons between robes and Harry Potter. Brilliant! You have been making some very yummy things lately. It's giving me the cooking bug!

    p.s. love you and love your blog:-)