Friday, February 11, 2011


TGIF! Do y'all have any fun Friday night plans? :) Sadly, tonight won't be spent in front of the TV watching Boy Meets World while sipping on strawberry soda and eating popcorn (hello, 5th grade TGIF). I'm sure I'll find something just as fun to do though. Haha.

Today marked the fifth and final day of my breakfast challenge. I will say it was a success! BUT, it was really hard to come up with new ideas toward the end of the week. Yeah yeah yeah, there are endless ways to make oatmeal, but that doesn't mean I'd want to eat all those different varieties.

Today's Ingredients:
-1/2 cup oats
-1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
-1 mashed banana
-handful of blueberries
-1 T almond butter
-sprinkle of Bear Naked's Fit Vanilla Almond Crunch Granola

This may have been the best combo of the week...

Juicy blueberries...

Chewy granola and oats...

Soooo delicious! I enjoyed these oats with a cup of coffee. Cup of coffee = mug that holds 4 cups...haha. That's a "cup," right? :)

I used the last of my almond milk in my oats, so I had none to add to my coffee this AM. Shhhh...don't tell my Dad. He already has a hard time accepting the fact that I don't use half and half in my coffee, so the fact that I added no "lightener" would be so disappointing ;) Speaking of my Dad, he ever so kindly volunteered to drive me to the airport next Thursday! Seriously, that took all of the stress out of that trip. It's funny that I'm more stressed about driving to an airport than a PhD program interview. I guess that goes to show you that I have a poor sense of direction;) I definitely didn't inherit that from my parents, they are navigational pros!!

Today was a fun/exciting day on the Textbook front. The Department of Graduate Psychology had an "intellectual feast" of sorts that included a guest speaker and a panel discussion. The panel had a representative from each of our graduate programs and they answered a predetermined list of questions about the field, tensions among the sub disciplines, etc. It was very interesting and promoted a lot of good discussion afterward. After the events, I was informed that my face, along with a few others, was plastered on the CISAT (College of Integrated Science and Technology) website. Yes, that is a FAKE smile. I think my face was worn out from smiling all night that I couldn't keep at it. Check out the link next to the picture for the article. This is about that research event I went to in Richmond, VA last week.

I'm off to veg out and catch up on TV shows I missed this week (and last week). Have a great night everyone!! :)

p.s. Check back tomorrow for the hummus dressing recipe!

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  1. Just checked out the CISAT website- you're famous! Can't wait to hear what you do next- I miss you! Let me know if you ever happen to make it down a little further south!