Sunday, January 16, 2011

Protein Power Green Monster

I have been dying to make this so-called phenomenal drink many bloggers refer to as the Green Monster. Now that I have a working blender (hello Vitamix!) and a few frozen nanners, it's a possibility! Although the appearance is a little unsettling, the raving reviews made me so curious! I decided to use Angela's Classic Green Monster recipe as a general guide. I didn't want to make it up totally on my own and end up with a pile of green goop my first go around.

Protein Power Green Monster (inspired by Angela's Classic Green Monster)

~Serves 1

-1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
-1 frozen banana
~2 cups of spinach (trust me)
-1 scoop Syntha-6 chocolate milkshake protein powder(amazing!)
-6+ ice cubes (depending on how icy you like your smoothies)

In the order listed above, add the ingredients. Blend for not even a minute and you're done! This took about 30 seconds, if that, with a Vitamix.

This was so amazing! It tasted very similar to a Wendy's frosty! I know, I know...a frosty isn't green so how could it taste like a frosty? Because the banana and protein powder completely mask the spinach taste! My boyfriend was very skeptical at first and made lots of jokes about what the drink looked like...boys:-P But after he tried it he thought it was really good!

So for all of you skeptics out there...try this smoothie...prove me wrong;)

Here are the nutrition stats:

Calories- 363
Total Fat- 9.24g.
Cholesterol- 55mg.
Sodium- 447.99mg.
Carbs- 48.17g.
Fiber- 11.33g.
Sugar- 23.25g.
Protein- 25.72g.

This made a great post-P90X fitness test dinner drink :) Good news is that I passed so I can start this week! I'll keep you posted on how the workouts go!

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