Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chili-Flavored White Bean Hummus

Hi friends! As promised, I'm back with a recipe! After making the curried white beans and kale, I had some leftover white beans. I am bad a gauging how much of anything to make or use (which is why I am horrible at wrapping presents), so it's not surprising that I had this little problem on my hands. Luckily, my Vitamix came to the rescue! Enter...

Chili-Flavored White Bean Hummus

-2 cups white beans
-big spoonful of Tahini (~1/2 cup)
-Olive oil
-Garlic powder
-Chili powder
-Dash of turmeric and cumin

Add ingredients into food processor (or high powered blender) and process until smooth. You'll want to add more oil, water, or leftover bean juice (the stuff they were cooked in) to make it process. As you will notice, I didn't list the specific amounts for the spices. I just added the chili and garlic powder until I got the "chili" flavor that I was looking for. Next time I'll measure :)

Check out all of the little chili specks!


Rich and creamy with a *kick*!


The carrots couldn’t wait to join in on the fun…


This made the perfect snack to eat during my class break today. My class spans from 11-1:45 and I figured offensive smelling lunches (e.g., tuna) were out of the question! This recipe will definitely be seen again Open-mouthed smile I’m off to go eat dinner and analyze some data!

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