Wednesday, January 19, 2011

5 Meals a Day

Hi friends! I thought I'd post a little bit about my recent diet change from 3 solid meals a day to 3 smaller meals + 2 snacks! I've always been curious as to how this would work for me, especially because I have a busy schedule. Here's an example of a day's worth of meals:

Meal 1: Breakfast
-egg white omelet with fresh spinach and feta
-cottage cheese w/jam

Meal 2: Mid-morning Snack
-protein shake

Meal 3: Lunch
-baby spinach topped with tuna salad

Meal 4: Afternoon Snack

Meal 5: Dinner
-protein (fish, chicken, etc.)
-vegetable (broccoli, carrots, etc.)
-whole grain (quinoa, brown rice, etc.)

Tonight's dinner
-tilapia seasoned with lemon pepper, lime juice, and pepper (notice a theme?)
-broccoli and mixed veggies 

*I am bad at baking fish- I hate it slimy so I tend to over bake it :-0

Having protein at every meal has really helped keep me satisfied longer.
    The biggest change I have noticed is a decrease in my cravings for dessert and sugary things! Monday night at Bible study, one of the girls made truffles, HOMEMADE TRUFFLES. Somehow I politely said no like it wasn't no thang! Just 2 weeks ago I would have devoured about 6 of those truffles in under 5 minutes. That's HUGE progress for me! I mean, during high school I'd go through a half gallon of double fudge brownie ice cream in 2 days.

    The second biggest change is how my energy levels seem to remain stable throughout the day. I typically hit a wall around 3pm and get extremely tired. Now, I don't reach for extra caffeine in the afternoon or when I get home!

    *As a disclaimer: It's important to make sure you consult a doctor before making any dietary or fitness changes*

    That's all for now...I'm off to finish analyzing some data and prepare for class tomorrow.

    Wahoo SPSS!

    Do any of you eat 5 meals a day?

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