Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The 4 Ingredient Dinner

I’ve gotten into a bad habit that I never thought I’d get into: not using up food in my pantry before buying new food. For example, even if I had a plethora of rice, quinoa, beans, and other goods, I’d still think up another dish to make that week. This is not a money saving habit! So, I decided that I needed to go through some of the things in my pantry before I try some of the recipes in my new cookbooks.

Zesty Black Beans and Rice

-1 can black beans
-1/2 onion
-1 can rotel
-1 cup brown rice


Get the rice going and when the rice has about 10 minutes left, start the next step. Chop and sauté the onion. I sautéed it in water and not EVOO. I decided to add 2 cloves of garlic, although I’m not sure we could tell. Once that has cooked for a few minutes, add the can of rotel (don’t drain). Let that cook until the water is mostly gone. Then add the can of black beans (drain and rinse before adding). Simmer for a few minutes and you’re done! Add some rice to your plate and top it with the bean/rotel mixture. This was such a quick, cheap, and tasty recipe! It got the bf’s stamp of approval too! Smile



  1. I love that I can read your whole post now without having to click on links! Have I mentioned recently that I'm jealous you got a Vitamix?!!!

  2. Thanks! That is James' doing! He helped edit the html code for my blog so that the title wasn't cut off and accidentally made the blog scroll! I was so happy because I don't like having to click on the links either;)