Thursday, December 2, 2010

Things I love about cold weather...

1. Pandora's R&B/Pop Holiday Mix

2. CLEMENTINES. I eat at least 3 a day. Unfortunately, I cannot stand the pith and it takes me forever to eat them because I peel it off of each little piece. My Mom and brother make fun of me for this because in the time it takes them to eat 3, I've eaten 1...

3. Seasonal candles (e.g., pumpkin spice, apple cider)

4. Being able to sleep under 4 layers of covers and wear sweats and not be hot!

5. Christmas Movies (e.g., Love Actually, White Christmas, The Grinch)

6. How campus looks at night. I realized that I never see campus at night anymore since I live off-campus and I'm never on campus after dark in the spring/summer. So, I actually enjoy this about the winter. I snapped this pic as I was leaving campus looks like midnight! My iPhone photo doesn't do it justice...

7. Eating oatmeal all the time...

This batch had cinnamon raisin swirl PB mixed in and was topped with half of a pumpkin muffin that had a streusel top! Thanks Mom! :)

What do you all like about winter? I actually hate the cold weather, but if you focus on the positive aspects, it makes it less negative :)


  1. I love the snow too! Especially when it causes school to be closed :)