Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sugar High

I was craving cookies I think it's because this is the first week in a long time that I haven't had sweets around. Remember those heavenly chocolate oatmeal cookies? I ate 4 twice a day for a week (I kid you not). That is, AFTER I gave half of the batch away! Because it's the holiday season, I've been craving some sugar cookies. I was never really fond of these growing up, but definitely enjoyed decorating them around the holidays. I guess I'm a chocolate girl at heart. Nevertheless, I was on a sugar cookie mission.

I found this one at the bucks:

Best sugar cookie I've had in a longggg time! I don't typically like sugar cookies for one of two reasons: the dough tastes artificial and/or the icing is to sugary. Not this little guy! I had some of the cookie for an afternoon snack while I was studying for my neuroscience final. And guess what greeted me when I went to neuro just a few hours later? COOKIES! It was cookie heaven: oreos...oatmeal chocolate chip...sugar cookies....soft chocolate chip....

Ask and you shall receive, right? I just hope the sugar high wears off soon :)

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