Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I survived...the Blizzard of 2010!

Hey everyone! :) I hope you all enjoyed the holiday! My family and I finally made it back to DC last night! Here are the details of the snowy trip:

My Dad, bro, and I celebrated Christmas before we left. I was so excited to get a Vitamix and a new Mediterranean cookbook! They know me so well.

On the 23rd, we left around 5am to head to the airport and catch our 6:55am flight to Boston! We then took the train to Gloucester, where my Dad's gf lives, to spend a day. We stayed in this cute B&B by the water!

While she was at work, we went to Rockport and checked out the surrounding area. It's so beautiful up north! 

For dinner we went to Essex Seafood. They had the BEST fries. Unfortunately, I no longer like crab or lobster. I think I'm burned out on it from eating it so much growing up by the water. Plus, I can't stand looking at the insides of them...makes me lose my appetite! So, I mostly feasted on the fries and ate the tail of my lobster and passed the rest off to my brother.

On Christmas eve, we checked into the Charles Hotel in Cambridge. It was such a beautiful, modern hotel! During the day, we had lunch at Algiers. I got falafel, hummus, and a salad. It was awesome! The rest of the day was spent getting a FREE mini-facial at Origins and looking through books at The Coop. For Christmas eve dinner, we went to this great Indian place in Dorchester. 

Below is a picture of the view from our hotel.

Below is a picture of the dessert case at this awesome chocolate place in Cambridge. I got a tiny up of liquid milk chocolate. Seriously, the best hot chocolate I've ever had! Even my tiny dixie cup size was too rich to finish!

Christmas day, we had brunch at Henrietta's Table. It was sooo good. The stuffing and chocolate torte were to die for. After eating so much food, we traveled to the Boston Common to check out that area of town. 

 We were supposed to head back to DC on the 26th; however, mother nature had another plan: Blizzard of 2010! Delta canceled all flights for the week and the flight we decided to book for Tuesday night got canceled Tuesday morning! So, we just hung out at a new hotel by the airport and watched the sky dump 18.2 inches of snow on Boston. Luckily, my Dad is the solution creator and got us tickets on a train Tuesday morning to return to DC!

Before the storm

During the storm

What do you do when your hotel has 10 channels and you can't drive/walk to any restaurants? Watch Keeping Up Appearances and eat pizza, of course! Well, they ate pizza and I ate a veggie sub.

Although the train ride took 9.5 hours and was pretty cramped, the scenery was beautiful! We passed through NYC...

and Philadelphia...

After a 30 minute metro ride, we were back in Clarendon. Indian food was calling our name again! We hit up the East West Grill in Clarendon before driving back to Woodbridge.

Now I'm off to enjoy some quality time with my family before I head back to Harrisonburg! :)


  1. I got a vitamix for christmas last year - it was definitely one of my favorite gifts (this year's were awesome too; my husband knows me so well!). I need to try Henrietta's Table for brunch; I've heard really great things. It's a buffet, right?
    PS - I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog. Check it out! :D

  2. Henrietta's Table serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner...I think Sunday's there is typically an all you can eat buffet (along with holidays). I'll definitely check your blog out, thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. I'm so jealous! I'd love a vitamix, but Tim will never hear of it considering the price!

  4. Yeah they aren't cheap...but because it can double as a food processor and has a 7 year warranty I thought it'd be worth it in the long run. We haven't had the best luck with blenders in the past.