Wednesday, December 1, 2010

20 Minute Soup

I usually try to plan out my menu so that I don't have to cook on Wednesday nights. This is because my neuroscience class doesn't get out until 6:30. So by the time I get home and change into non-work clothes, it's 7:30. Tonight I decided to make a really quick soup for dinner and eat one of those jalapeno cornbread muffins that I have stockpiled in the freezer.

-1 carton of Pacific Natural Foods Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup
-1/2 box of pasta
-1/2 cup corn
-2 cups kale
-1 can chickpeas
-1 can chopped tomatoes

1. Cook pasta
2. Heat the soup and all ingredients (*I used frozen veggies so I steamed these briefly first to defrost)
3. Add pasta at the end
4. DONE!

Does anyone have any good & quick recipes for busy nights?


  1. I wanted breakfast for dinner so bad! I guess I could have made it, but I didn't have any eggs or cheese to put in grits...:( But I do have a ton of apple butter :)

  2. Yeah girl, yum + cheap + easy = awesome

  3. I use the crockpot on nights I know are going to be busy.

  4. Crockpots are amazing! That is one of my favorite appliances :)