Thursday, November 4, 2010


It's been SO dark lately when I leave for class on Tuesdays. On Tuesdays I have an 8am so I leave my place around 7:45. This is what I got to see when I walked out of my townhouse this week! So pretty:)

I'm excited for daylight savings time this weekend. So happy we're "falling back" and not "springing forward." I will definitely need the extra hour of sleep! I'm really excited for Thanksgiving! I'll be spending it with my Mom in Virginia Beach :) We decided that we would mix a few things up this year and try a new recipe or new twist on one of our normal recipes. A GREAT website that I've been using to start looking for recipes is Foodbuzz. Check it out!

Sorry I haven't posted any new recipes since Sunday night. I just had my last bowl of chili for dinner tonight. That recipe made 7 heaping bowls of could definitely stretch it to 10 at least! Speaking of the chili...I made a little mistake when wrapping up the onion I used as a topping. Apparently, you've gotta wrap those suckers up tight! I just put the chopped onion in a plastic bag. I figured a double lock ziplock would do the trick, right? Wrong. Later that night, I discovered the most powerful onion smell when I opened the fridge...whoops! I put the bag in a plastic container and placed a container of baking soda in the fridge and it did the trick within an hour!

I've been trying to get back into the ol' gym routine. It's been really hard to break away from doing work and get there even though it's such a great de-stresser! Today I did an awesome treadmill routine that I figured I'd post:

Minutes    Speed       Incline
0-5              3.5                0
5-10            6.0                0
10-12          4.0                8
12-13          4.0                4
13-15          4.0               10
15-16          4.0                5
16-18          3.5               12
18-19          3.5               10
19-20          3.5               12
20-25          3.5               4
25-30          3.5               2

*Cool down for 5 min after.

I really liked this cardio routine because it's not as "high impact" as running but I still felt like I got a great workout! :) Let me know if you decide to try it!


  1. please tell me you meant falling back and springing forward....

  2. thank goodness you're my proof you can tell i was multi-tasking while i was typing that and boy do i suck at multi-tasking

    yes...falling back :)