Friday, October 22, 2010

Welcome to the Mid-Twenties...

Welcome to the mid-20's! I turned 24 yesterday...crazy! Here's a little synopsis of my day.

I decided to wake up at 6:30 (a little early) so I could have a leisurely morning. I had the best bowl of oatmeal: 1/2 cup oats, milk, mashed banana, and a huge spoon of almond butter. Pure heaven is what it was. I played a little bit of this new game I got (nerd alert) called Torchlight. It's such a good game.

You know what I listened to today? The Mariah Carey Christmas album, on repeat. Every year I debate as to when the "start date" will be to listen to Christmas music. If I set the start date for after Thanksgiving, that doesn't give me enough time to enjoy the plethora of Christmas music in my iTunes library so I end up listening to Christmas music into January...which is weird. SO, I figured the only remedy would be to listen to it early. I had planned to allow myself to start listening Nov. 1st if I felt so inclined, but I wanted to yesterday and since it was my birthday I threw away my "rule." Hahaha. This sounds so silly but I'm sure everyone has their own idea of when you should be "allowed" to start listening to Christmas I'd love to hear your opinion!! :)

After work, I gathered all of the ingredients to bake my birthday dessert. Yes, I know, make my own birthday dessert? 1. I wanted black bottom cupcakes. 2. I wanted to bake as a present to myself, since I don't get to often. 3. I didn't want store-bought dessert for once :)

I slightly altered this recipe by Joy of Baking to include a sprinkle of mini chocolate chips between the chocolate cake layer and the cheesecake topping! To make this recipe extra chocolate-y you could throw some into the chocolate cake batter...but you don't want it to be too rich as you're already pouring cheesecake batter on top! Haha. This was the result:

They were absolutely amazing!!! They are the first cupcakes that I've had in a long time that were not dried out at all!  I had a few friends over for wine and dessert last night and we ate 8 of the 24 that I made! I've already had 2 today and I'll probably have another before the day is over :)

All in all, a great birthday!

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